Helmsman Terms (A-B-C)

A’zurn = A’zurn, a mild, lushly vegetated world on the edge of Galactic Sector 944-E, the solitary planet of Brandon. Brandon/A’zurn lies directly astride one of the principal trade routes leading to the League’s most important starports. A’zurn = Domain of flighted beings
A’zurnian – A flighted being from the planet Brandon/A’zurn
ADMIRALTYCOMINT = an acronym for Intelligence Command, Imperial Admiralty
Achtite = Grand Achtite Canal, a canal in Avalon city, Asturius/Avalon
Adolphus = An early Imperial expert on Benders, his name was known everywhere-he was one of the most famous starship designers in the Known Universe
Adrien = “Brim’s eye caught the great domed tower of Marva thrusting silver and gold above the skyline with its fluted sides and curious winding concourse that spiraled all the way to the dome like a sparkling vine. Old Queen Adrien herself once lived and studied there before she set off in her little Durax III to discover Porth Grassmere on the far side of Elath.” – The Helmsman
Agonard = Special Forces of the League Controllers
Alastor = An Imperial poet who wrote “Star Pilgrim.
Albatron = I.F.S. Albatron, a starship.
Alcott = A suburb of Avalon City on Lake Mersin at which the Hyperdrome is sited.
Alexi, see Borodov
Alpern = I.F.S. Defiant’s ECW officer
Altnag’gin = The League’s great hullmetal fabricating complex orbiting the star Trax, a busy crossroads of the League’s commerce.
Ambridge = Hoggitt Ambridge, Margot’s Chauffeur on Avalon.
Amherst = Puvis Amherst, Lieutenant, I.F. and First Officer (“Number One”) aboard I.F.S. Truculent.
Amphitrite = The large, converted space liner – part of convoy CXY98 – in which Sublieutenant Wilf Ansor Brim initially arrived at Gimmas-Haefdon.
Anak = Kabul Anak, Leaguer Grand Admiral.
Anastas, see Borodov.
Anshelm = Poet who wrote “Ode to Autumn”
Ansor, see Brim.
Antigrav = a contraction of Antigravity Generator.
Antiirs = A gentle, feathered race living in the Home galaxy.
Antiskid = Starship control to automatically damp skidding on liftoff.
Applewood = A balding signals yeoman with fat cheeks aboard I.F.S. Truculent.
Aram of Nahshon = “…Something about the cut of this lieutenant’s uniform that said unusual. Especially his shiny, new Helmsman’s insignia that fairly shouted of recent graduation from the Academy near Avalon. He had a wide forehead and narrow chin with a sharply chiseled nose. His huge eyes were those of a born hunter, and they sparkled with intelligence and compassion, as well as humor.” —The Helmsman
Arbera = Monetary unit of Civilization Lixor
Archestral = a League measurement of time equal to four Avalonian cycles.
Ardelle = Ardelle Jennings
Argante = Rear Admiral, I.F. Le’o Argante
Arias19 = A type of synchronous rotation around a star that perpetually di¬rects the same hemisphere toward the star. It is typical of Arias¬19.
Asterious = Triad of Asterious (the Golden Triad): a “triple-bodied star around which circle five planets that form greater Avalon, capital of Will Brim’s Empire. These are: Proteus (Science Colonies), Melia (Commerce Hub), Ariel (Galactic Communications Center), Helios (Shipping Hub), and Avalon (proper, Great City Capital of the Empire).
Astroplane = Tiny-but extremely fast-starflight machines that travel at speeds many times those of larger, more traditional starship hulls. They are largely credited with the technology that eventually expanded the boundaries of civilization beyond the Home Galaxy and into the Universe itself.
Atalanta =, A sprawling Fleet base on the watery planet Haelic, orbiting the great star Hador (Hador-Haelic)
Atalantian = A native of Atalanta
Autohelm = Automatic Helmsman, an offshoot of the starship operating system often referred to as “The Chairman.”
Avalon, see Asterious.
Avalonian = “Of Avalon”
Barbousse = Utrillo Barbousse, a Starman aboard I.F.S. Truculent.
Beardmore = A sector of Avalon City
Bearings in Space: Bearings are based on a 400 degree circle with the zero degree mark at the nose of the starship, also known as “Red,” Other “color” points are Orange (approx. 66.6 degrees), Yellow (approx. 133.2 degrees), Green (approx. 199,8 degrees), Blue (approx. 266.4 degrees) and Purple (330 degrees). Bearings are expressed in relation to the ship and generally followed by the words “apex” or “nadir” to indicate “high” or “low” in relation to orientation with the ship’s internal gravity system. A starship approaching from 330 degrees “high” would be on a relative bearing of “blue apex.” A starship approaching “low” from 390 degrees would be on a relative bearing of “red red purple nadir.”
Bax = Nickname for Baxter Calhoun, the wealthy and powerful (if a bit shady) Carescrian.
Beardmore = A historic part of Avalon City, Asturius/Avalon.
Bel Pasa = A type of cheese.
Bemus Hall = An ancient manor house near the boreal shore of Lake Mersin, (Avalon) with husband, Admiral Erat Plutron.
Benwell = A battleship of the Imperial Fleet.
Beorn, see Wyrood.
Bestienne, see Eleandor-Bestienne
Beta Jago = the League began a second warlike confrontation, this time issuing trumped-up charges against its neighboring dominion of Beta Jagow. During the Great War, forces from this diminutive ally of the Empire had seized a thirty-planet area claimed by the League; now Zoguard Grobermann, the League’s Minister of State, complained that ex-Leaguers, on five habitable planets, were being held in unwilling subjugation. This time, he openly threatened to send “forces” that would rectify the situation.
BKAEW – KA’PPA-based long-distance ranging device
blast pike (Imperial) Trenning NT-53As = heavy “rifle.”
blast pike (Sodeskayan) = Khalodni N-37’s
Blaster (Leaguer) = Zspandu.50
Blim, see Hilaago.
Blue Cape = Imperial Fleet star sailor.
Brim = Wilf Ansor Brim, Sublieutenant, I.F.
Bollard = A metal post for mooring ships or (optical) mooring device for anchoring tractor/repeller beams from a floating starship.
Boneyard = Junk yard. for starships
Borodov = Anastas Alexi Borodov, Lieutenant, I.F., an observed from Sodeskaya. Borodov is actually Grand Duke (Doctor) Borodov, brother to the Sodeskayan Knez and master of vast baronial estates in the deeply wooded lake country outside holy Gromcow on the G.F.S.S. “Mother” Planet of Sodeskaya itself orbiting the star Ostra (along with Ostra’s other populated planet, Zhiv’ot, home of the Dityasburg Academy
Bos = Nickname for Bosporus Gallsworthy
Bosporus, see Gallsworthy.
Brandon = The star around which A’zurn orbits.
Brentanno, Mk-8 = A 75-mmi anti-crawler disruptor
BroadcastPac = A recorded data pack.
Bright Triad of Ely = A star system approximately 2/3 the distance from Avalon to Carescria.
Broix = A river in Avalon City, Asturius/Avalon.
Bromwich = “The Sherrington Works, like most heavy industries on Eastleigh-Rhodor itself, was located outside Bromwich, one of the oldest cities on the planet.”
C-97 Ore barges — what young Brim flew for 3 years (51989-51991) prior to attending the Helmsman’s Academy.
c’lenyt = 5,500 irals
Calhoun, Baxter Oglethorpe, Lt. Commander, I.F., and Executive Officer of I.F.S Defiant.
CIGA = Congress for Intragalactic Accord. Powerful CIGA peace mongers-many within the Admiralty itself-busily demonstrated their willingness to banish war by calling for more cuts in the size of the Imperial Fleet
CLOVERFIELD = the old starship yards where ED-4 starships once were manufactured.
COMCONVOY = Acronym for Imperial Convoy Command
COMFLEETOPS = Acronym for Imperial Fleet Operations Command
COMINTEL = Acronym for Imperial Intelligence Command
CXY98 = The convoy designation of the convoy in which Wilf Brim arrived at Gimmas/Haefdon aboard the old liner Amphitrite.
Calhoun = In The Helmsman: Commander Baxter Oglethorp Calhoun Of I.F.S. Defiant. “I am no stranger to space, young mon,” Calhoun muttered, without even bothering to turn his head, “an’ I may yet find my grave in’t.” He laughed. “For the nonce, we’ll say that I’m in what you’d call the salvage business-an’ the less ye ask o’t, the better. Understand?” — The Trophy
Camembert = Pungent cheese.
Campion, Thomas, = a little-known, ancient poet from a long-forgotten star system. Only the playful lyrics survived him and his whole civilization.
C’lenyt, see Units of Measurement.
camarge = A kind of spiced cigarette smoked by Leaguers.
ca’omba = Fruit of the Ca’omba bush.
Capcloth = A Vertrucht expression of extreme disrespect.
Carescria = Brim’s home territory (collection of planets and asteroid belts). The poorest spot in the Empire. Noted for space mining.
Carescrian = Someone from Carescria.
Castoldi = League starship manufacturer, builder of the Castoldi T-20 Destroyer.
Celecoid = Drive crystals e.g., celecoid Drive Crystals. Along with Rogan LaKarn’s Torond, Fluvanna provides most of the Empire’s supply of celecoid quartz kernels from which Drive crystals are grown.
Cloud = Common sobriquet for the League of Dark Stars.
Cloud League = Common sobriquet for the League of Dark Stars.
celecoid quartz kernels = Seeds from which Drive Crystals are “grown.”
CL-921 – Hull designator for I.F.S. Defiant.
Cloverfield = Starship Builder, Cloverfield Yards, on the planet X-Rhodor.
Cod’dlinger = a malediction referring to a uniquely Narkossian-91 reference to the excretory organs of a local slops-yard scavenger.
Coggl’KANs = Sturdy seven-iral giant warriors live on the dark planet of Coggl’KANs.
Cogsworthy = A Starman in the Imperial Fleet.
Cohelmsman = an assistant Helmsman, usually seated in the right-hand seat of a starship’s bridge.
Collapsium = A substance whose interstices among atomic particles have been collapsed to make a super-tough metal, see Hullmetal, below
Collingswood = Regula Collingswood, Commander, I.F. Permanent home at Bemus Hall on Lake Mersin (Avalon) with husband, Erat Plutron.
Compensator = A Drive-chamber instrument sometimes calibrated in the League’s ROGEN scale
COMCONVOY = Convoy Commander (individual convoys)
COMFLEETOPS = Imperial Fleet Operations Command
COMINTEL = Imperial Fleet Intelligence Command
Corfrew = An obscure god worshiped by a primitive civilization. Corfrew was known for his magnificent Goatee.
Corgwash = An insolent term for nonsense, usually considered obscene. See also Gorksroar.
Courtland = A Plaza in the city of Avalon.
creel = card game with “resources” and “tomers”
Cyndor= Cyndor Castle, the most elegant of the royal family’s three “country” palaces in the outskirts of Avalon.
Cvcesse = A hot, sticky liquid with natural stimulants and a pleasant, toasted taste consumed at all hours throughout the Known Universe. Usually served in mugs or cups.
CXY98, see Amphitrite.

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