Helmsman Time Terms


The Standard Imperial Calendar in use throughout most of the Home Galaxy is based upon the Avalonian local calendar and consists of four-hundred-day years, divided into ten months: Unad, Diad, Triad, Tetrad, Pentad, Hexad, Heptad, Octad, Nonad, and Decad, each with 40 days, grouped into four, ten-day weeks. Dates are expressed either as <day>/<year>, as in 131/52013, or <day> <month>, <year>, as in 11 Triad, 52013.

Time-of-Day Designation

Time of day throughout the Home galaxy is based upon the Avalonian local day and is fixed by six , four-metacycle “Watches:” Dawn (0:4), Morning(5:8), Brightness(9:12), Evening(13/1:16/4), Twilight(17/5:20/8), and Night(21/9:24/12). These are adjusted to local time, whenever possible; however, where local rotation time is either too short or too long, partial or multiple Standard Days are implemented. Time of day is normally written as:

<watch initial>:<metacycle>:<cycle>:<click>

truncated as desired. Example: D:3:45 or B:00:15. Verbally, time of day is expressed by speaking the watch name followed optionally by, “plus ” and a one, two, or three-metacycle offset toward the next watch . This may optionally be followed by, “and” with a one to forty-nine-cycle offset toward the next watch. Examples: Dawn plus one and twenty-five, Evening and forty, Twilight plus three. In casual speech, the use of “and a half” indicates twenty-five cycles past a metacycle, as in, “Dawn and a half,” or “Dawn plus three and a half.”

One Standard Day anywhere in the galaxy is based on the six-watch Avalonian Day

Time Units

Click = 1.5 x human eye blink
Microclick = .001 click
Cycle = 50 clicks
Metacycle = 50 Cycles

NOTE: “Standard” day, week, month, year designations are based on those on the planet Asterious/Avalon.

Standard Day = 24 Metacycles
Standard Week = 10 Standard days
Month = 40 Standard days
or 4 Standard Weeks
Standard Year = 400 Standard Days.
or 40 Standard Weeks,
or 10 Standard Months.

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