Helmsman Terms (M-N-O)

Maas = A Gradgroat orbital gunner
Magalla’ana = Capital city of Brandon/A’zurn.
Margot = See Effer’wyck, above.
Majestat-Baron = A manufacturer of luxury-class skimmers in the League of Dark Stars.
Maldive = Kristoba Maldive, Chief, I.F., a Quartermaster aboard I.F.S. Truculent.
MarshallGaltele’er = See Ranks, below.
Marva = “The great domed tower of Marva, which thrusts silver and gold above the Avalon City skyline with its fluted sides and curious winding concourse that spiral all the way to the dome like a sparkling vine. Old Queen Adrien herself once lived and studied there before she set off in her little Durax III to discover Porth Grassmere on the far side of Elath. It is a place all Imperial Helmsmen know- and appreciate.” — The Helmsman
meem = A popular alcoholic beverage enjoyed by nearly all sentient races of the Known Universe.
MEL = Signature of mysterious agent on surface of Atalanta.
Melia = See Asterious, above.
Memosquare = Page from a memo pad.
Menander-Garand = The Imperial Escort Training School is located on Menander-Garand.
Maranello = Ultra-powerful, rechargeable hand blasters that can burn holes in hullmetal plate. They are manufactured in Tarrott and can be equipped with slender, crystalline silencers.
Mersin = Lake in Avalon City on Avalon/Avalon.
Metacycle, see Time Measurement Units.
Microclick = One thousandth of a click.
Midships = The central sections of a vessel.
Midspace = anywhere in space.
Milli = One millionth, or .0001.
Milston = See Units of measurements, below
Milliclick = .001 click.
mmi = See Units of measurements
Mocht = A Overmann aboard the starship S.M.S. HS-91.
mods = Contraction for Modifications.
Months (Standard) = Unad, Duad, Tresad, Quatrad, Quinqrad, Sexad, Sepad, Octad, Novad, Decad.
Moulding = Lt. Commander Tobias Moulding, I.F first to exceed the absolute velocity of 400 LPM, late in 52009. “A pair of blue eyes that sparkled with good-natured humor, a grand promontory for a nose, and the droll, confident sort of smile that fairly shouted wealth. The man was tall, blond, and, Brim judged, about the same age as himself. He was wearing the distinctive blue cape of an Imperial Fleet officer with the device of a Lieutenant Commander on its left collar just above his Helmsman’s insignia. He also wore the discreet red-on-green insignia of the semi-official Imperial High Speed Starflight Team, quite a distinction in anybody’s book.”
mu’occo = Spiced cigarette popular among Imperials.
Multigrid = see Fort’lier tube.
Munsters = Cheeses.
NLV = A type of lateral thruster installed on I.F.S. Defiant. “Standard NLV-884 Laterals.”
Naddock = A Placeman aboard the starship S.M.S. HS-91.
Nadzur = The word for ‘mine’ in Vertrucht
Nahshon, Aram of = Lieutenant, I.F., an A’zurnian Helmsman aboard Defiant.
Narkos = Abbnisnia-29/Narkos, a planet in the Vortlet Cluster.
Narkossian = of the planetary system Narkos-91.
Narr = A type of steamy jungle found on planets of the watery Crennelean Archipelago.
Nemba = A non-sentient, rabbet-like animal found on certain Sodeskayan planets.
Nergol, See Triannic.
Nesterio’s Rocotzian Cabaret
= A Cabaret in the Rocotzian section of the City of Atalanta.
Nightward = See Surface Directions, below.
Nik = See Ursis.
Nikolai See Ursis.
Nikolas See Ursis.
Nine-Ks = League field pieces, enormous self-propelled disruptor cannon. A great turret squats on each flattened hull, ridiculously small for the apparent weight it bears, and angular glassed-in driving cabins project awkwardly like afterthoughts from the forward port and aft starboard corners. Inboard of these, massive cooling systems are ample proof of the prodigious energy required to fire the thick, stubby disruptors that protrude from the turrets.
Nimrons = I.F.S. Nimron is class exemplar for the Nimron-class of light cruisers, among which I.F.S. Narcastle is the most recent example.
Nimue = One of the Empire’s greatest battleships, lost without trace in 51990 with admiral Merlin Emrys aboard. I.F.S. Iaith Galad is a sister ship.
NOFORN = Designation of a document as Denied to Foreign Nationals.
Nondum, see Lamia.
Nosecap = The nose of a Starship.
Obstinate = an old merchant Starship, S.S. Obstinate.
Octahedroid = A three-dimensional object with eight sides
Octillian = A type of granite found on the shores of Gimmas/Haefdon.
Oddeon = I.F.S. Oddeon, an Imperial battlecruiser.
Officient, see Ranks.
Ogen = League Marshal Ogen z’ Kassierii-known as “The Butcher of Rennigal” for his bloody occupation of that star system early in the First Great War
Oglethorp = See Calhoun, above.
Onleon = Cintha Onleon had enormous eyelashes, a tiny nose, and perfectly shaped lips. Her tightly fitting gown was tawny gold and reminded Brim of nothing so much as a large flower bud whose petals were just beginning to open. Like Margot’s, her skirt was also slit high along one side, but the overall accent was clearly on bosom – white, stunning bosom.
Onrad = Crown Prince, heir to the Imperial Throne at Avalon (Vice Admiral) and cousin to Margot Effer’wyck, later Imperial Emperor
Ophet = A camel-like animal inhabiting certain Fluvannian planets. Ophets are prized for their leather.
Ornwald = A section of the Home Galaxy as well as a section of Avalon City on Avalon/Avalon.
Orpians = A race of three-eyed beings from Arcos/Orpia, who only recently have achieved starflight.
Ostra, a cool dwarf star around which both Sodeskaya and Zhiv’ot orbit.
Overmann, see Ranks.
Overspeed = A condition of too high velocity for conditions.

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