Helmsman Terms (J-K-L)

Jaiswal = Zolton Jaiswal = a squat, muscular man dressed in white satin coveralls and a gray ebony cloak. Wearing a black velvet cap, gathered and puffed over the crown with elaborate ribbon lacings, he had a massive frowning brow, sharp nose, pointed moustache, and the cold gray eyes of a professional assassin. He is one of the most influential, wealthy, and reputedly dangerous men in Avalon’s dockyard milieu.
Jennings, Ardelle, Sublieutenant, I.F., = a junior Helmsman aboard I.F.S. Defiant fresh from the Imperial Academy
Ju’ggo, see Hilaago.
Ka’LoomKA = A unique design of signet rings favored by IGL employees.
K’tipsch = a quadrant of the Home Galaxy
KA’PPA = KA’PPA COM = instantaneous, Universe-wide communication
Karlsson = A high-intensity lamp for lighting outdoor areas.
Kaptnor = miniature accretion disks that emit a luminous beam of energy. Enough energy exists in that beam to snuff out an entire planet, or cause a major flareup in surface of a star.
Kanrog = an ancient god worshiped by some Leaguers.
Kaptnor = Kaptnor G-seed = miniature accretion disks that emit a luminous beam of energy.
Kassierii, Ogen z‘, League Marshal known as “The Butcher of Rennigal” for his bloody occupation of that star system early in the war.
Keppler = A high-ranking servant in the Imperial Palace in Avalon City, Asturius/Avalon.
Keuffer = Imperial manufacturer of Disruptors.
Khalodni = Khalodni N-37 blast pikes
Khios = Avlin Khios, secretary to Lord Wyrood
Kilgal = Blossoming Tree native to Avalon City, Asturius/Avalon.
Kimber = Kimber Castle, Avalon City, Asturius/Avalon, where Cago JaHall composed Solemn Universe and other classics of the same idiom. In later years, Dalgo Hildi had also lived there, but by the time she finally arrived in Avalon, her active career was nearly over–a graceful old building.
Kirsh, see Valentin.
Klaa’Shee = A city on the planet of Brandon/A’zurn.
Klaipper = Klaipper-Hiss type-41 antigravity generators. The Gantheisser attack ship designated E607 was powered by two of these.
Knez = Sodeskayan Emperor.
Koch’kiss = A League noncom.
Kopp = Hobina Kopp, author of the Korsten Manifesto.
Korsten = see Kopp, above.
Korvost = Gamma3183/Korvost = A poor farming planet in thrall to the League during the First Great War.
Korzol = An ancient deity of the Kanallain Rings (a territory within the League of Dark Stars).
Krasni-Peych = A Sodeskayan firm manufacturing arguably the finest Drive and gravity propulsion systems in the Known Universe. Their galaxy-famous research center was located only a short drive outside Gromcow.
Kristoba, see Maldive.
Kupp’gh cleaner = persons (mostly in the league military services) who are employed to clean stained hullmetal with Kupp’gh products. These eventually turn the cleaner’s hands and arms a deep blue.
Kubinka = Vaskrozni Kubinka, a Sodeskayan Bear employed by Krasni-Peych as a crew chief.
Lacerta = Imperial poet, author of “Rime of the Ancients.”
Latmos = Latmos the Elder, Imperial poet.
Lamia = Nondum Lamia, an Imperial poet, author of “Solitude.”
LaKarn, Rogan = Commander (the Honorable), Baron of The Torond and Lover of Margot Effer’wyck.
LaKarn, Honorotha = Elderly Grand Duchess of The Torond
Leaguer = Slang for a citizen of the League of Dark Stars.
Legionnaires (Leaguer Soldier/Sailors) dressed in coarse gray uniforms. See also black-uniformed Grenzen, Torond Controllers.
Le’o = Rear Admiral Le’o Argante, a commander of eight battleships during the first Battle of Atalanta.
Leeland = Leeland Blake, a tall, serious-looking builder’s representative wearing the traditional stovepipe hat worn by all shipyard managers during the construction of I.F.S. Defiant..
Leoline = Imperial poet who wrote “Silver Lamp.”
Leopold = Crown Prince Leopold, leader of the Free A’zurnian government-in-exile at Avalon.
LifeGlobe = A collapsible globe containing life support and communications for one or more persons (depending on design size) used as a life vessel for disabled starships.
Lightspeed = The speed of light, 186,000 c’lenyts per second.
Lightward = See Surface Directions, below.
Lixor = Lixor is the only habitable planet among 12 satellites orbiting Hagath-37 (binary red and green star of eclipsing separation 3.0°) occupying a strategic location in the 91st Province astride three cross-galaxy trade routes (R-99183, C.48-E-7, and 948.RJT) that skirt massive and treacherous asteroid shoals extending for hundreds of c’lenyts in all directions. Twice the size of Proteus, this planet orbits with an Arias19 type of synchronous rotation that perpetually directs the same hemisphere toward its star. Nearly 100% of the population inhabits this hemisphere, tropical at that portion nearest the light, temperate at the zone of transition (“Lands of Shadows”). The dark hemisphere is little used except for starship landing facilities. Inguer and Vatthan are the largest star ports
Locar = A slim rating aboard S.M.S. HS-91.
Logics = Logic modules, sometimes referred to as computers.
Logish = This word indicates premium meem and causes the following word meem to be capitalized, as in “Logish Meem,” but merely “meem” when used without the modifier.
logus = logus vine/bush from whose “grapes” meem is made.
Lorgan = A “Visitor Host” employed at the Imperial Palace, Avalon City, Asturius/Avalon.
Lox’Sands = An altitude control ring above Haefdon.

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