Helmsman Terms (D-E-F)

Dahlem, see Tarrott.
Dahlem = Tarrott was located near the center of a large, temperate continent in the boreal hemisphere of Dahlem, a small planet orbiting a bright trinary known collectively as Uadn’aps.
Dalgo = “Farther along, they passed Avalon’s famous Kimber Castle, where Cago JaHall composed Solemn Universe and other clas¬sics of the same idiom. In later years, Dalgo Hildi had also lived there, but by the time she finally arrived in Avalon, her active career was nearly over.” — The Helmsman.
Dampier = An astroplane manufacturer of The Torond. “Dampier DA.39s, first native Mitchel Trophy entries from LaKarn’s Torond” — The Trophy
Darkhurst = A famous Imperial military Academy (famous alumnus: Gastudgon Hagbut). “His left collar wore distinctive crossed blast pikes, which identified him as a grad¬uate of the prestigious Darkhurst Academy on Fortis-Darkhurst, a close neighbor of Avalon itself” — The Helmsman
Daya-Peraf = The Daya-Peraf transition) “The starscape wobbled and shimmered, then blended to an angry red kaleidoscope ahead until space itself came to an end in a wilderness of shifting, multicolored sparks.” —The Helmsman
Dates = The Standard Imperial Calendar in use throughout most of the Home Galaxy is based upon the Avalonian local calendar and consists of four-hundred-day years, divided into ten months: Unad, Diad, Triad, Tetrad, Pentad, Hexad, Heptad, Octad, Nonad, and Decad, each with 40 days, grouped into four, ten-day weeks. Dates are expressed either as <day>/<year>, as in 131/52013, or <day> <month>, <year>, as in 11 Triad, 52013.
Defiant = I.F.S. Defiant
Darkhurst = A prestigious Academy on Fortis-Darkhurst. The Hon. Gastudgon Z. Hagbut, Xce, N.B.C, is Darkhurst graduate.
Daya-Peraf Transition = As a starship exceeds the speed of light, the starscape appears to wobble and shimmer, then blends to an angry red kaleidoscope ahead until space itself seems to end in a wilderness of shifting, multicolored sparks. Hyperscreens translate this jumble of light photons to HypoLight representations.
Dawn Traders = Nearly translucent beings living in the Home Galaxy.
Deighton = Deighton modulators: One of the billion and one items necessary to maintain a sizable fleet aloft and in fighting trim
Desterro, see Edrington.
WF.98 (model J) = starships built by Wakefield Starship Ltd. in the small city of Hall on the planet Salisbury orbiting the star Hatfield. Slim and elegantly shaped for atmospheric maneuvering, they even looked fast. The broad-shouldered, teardrop shape that made them famous was unbroken except for a slight bulge to accommodate a small flight bridge placed well forward, just ahead of stubby, wing-like sponsons to port and starboard housing 2100-SU Krasni-Peych Wizard 65/66 Drive units in large, radically streamlined nacelles. Barely 83 irals from stem to stern, the tiny ships were considered delightful to fly under most circumstances, however, with high loading on their twin gravity repulsors, resultant landing speeds and steep approach paths were downright terrifying to some. Normal range is 3,500 light years; top speed is 425 LightSpeed.
Dalgo, Hildi = An imperial poet who once lived in Avalon City’s Kimber Castle, but by the time she finally arrived in Avalon, her active career was nearly over
Dimbulbs = People of low intelligence (perceived or actual).
Disruptor = Energy cannon used to destroy targets by disrupting the forces that hold atoms together.
Dityasburg = A galaxy-famous Sodeskayan university
Drei’ffen = Vice Admiral Eug’enie Drei’ffen, commander of the Sixth Battle Squadron at the First Battle of Atalanta
Drummond = General Harry Drummond, a mysterious and powerful individual.
Durax = “Old Queen Adrien herself once lived and studied there before she set off in her little Durax III to discover Porth Grassmere on the far side of Elath. It was a place all Imperial Helmsmen knew – and appreciated.” —The Helmsman
Dvigat = P. Dvigat Krasni IV, Senior Director of the Sodeskayan Drive manufacturer, Krasni-Peych.
DN-291 = Outmoded League cruiser.
E607 = An early Gantheisser attack ship, or astroplane. A deadly wedge of raw destructive power. Overall, its sharply angular sixty irals described nothing so much as a narrow, single-edged ax head turned on its side with a small control cabin located midway along the length of its upper surface. On either beam, angular outriggers extended forward from the squared-off stem, each virtually filled with a powerful Klaipper-Hiss type-41 antigravity generator. The ship’s wide, keen-edged bow was deeply notched on port and starboard extremes to accommodate torpedo-tube doors in the beam ends of the hull. Between these, a squat, dome-shaped turret housed a 6O mmi rapid-fire disruptor. Aft of the rakish control cabin, a spacious well deck extended to the stem, bounded on port and starboard by the breech ends of the torpedo launch tubes and storage for the single reload carried for each. Offset a few irals from the center of the well deck, a row of twelve repulsion rings ran over the stem from a squat autoloader. These marked the little ship’s limited ca¬pability to strew star mines in its path. Her flat bottom was clear from bow to stem except for an oversized weapons dome housing a powerful 91 mmi disruptor. Within the crowded hull, a single Drive crystal provided thrust for HyperLight dashes and occasional long-distance cruising.
ECW = Electronic Countermeasures
Edrington = Avalon’s shimmering Desterro Monument with its colossal spiral of sculpted flame commemorates discovery of the Cold Tetrad of Edrington, center of a gravity drift that collected space debris and invaluable historic artifacts from a million years of space travel.
Effer’wyck = (1) A huge star system, second only in power to Imperial Avalon, (2) Margot Effer’wyck, Her Serene Majesty, Princess Margot of
e’lande = A native Atalantian drink favored by Claudia Valemont.
Eleandor-Bestienne = The starship yard on the planet of Bestienne in which I.F.S. Truculent was constructed.
electro-collapsite = Hullmetal is an electro-collapsite: a metal whose atoms have been collapsed by reducing the distance between protons and electrons.
Electrosaturation = New Drive crystals must be electrosaturated before they are used.
Elidean = Queen Elidean, an Imperial battleship
Eliott = Reynard J. Eliott, the Planetary General Manager himself, who had lately been very much in evidence around Defiant’s gravity pool
Elsene Bay = The body of water near the starship stocks at which I.F.S. Defiant was constructed.
Emrys = Famed Star Admiral Merlin Emrys was lost in the great battleship Nimue two years prior to Brim’s graduation from the Helmsmen’s Academy.
Englyde, see Zantir.
Environmentals = Environmental systems aboard starships.
Eorean Station Starwharves – one of fifteen starship construction-and-maintenance complexes on the watery planet of star bases called Haefdon – could accurately be described as an untidy sprawl
EPR = Airspeed EPR bugs = markings set at various critical airspeeds on a vehicle’s airspeed meter.
Erat = See Erat Plutron, below.
Erioed = Emperor Erioed III who preceded Greyffin IV as Grand Galactic Emperor.
Estorial = In Avalon City, Asturius/Avalon, the squat, glass-walled Estorial Library, where Hobina Kopp first presented her Korsten Manifesto a full two hundred years prior to Brim’s birth. The library had a special poetry section, which Brim promised he would one day peruse at his leisure
Eug’enie = Vice Admiral Eug’enie Drei’ffen, commander of the Sixth Battle Squadron during the first Battle of Atlanta.
EverGEN = A small, portable generator whose power supply is nearly eternal.
Fangovt = “dimwit” in Leaguer Vertrucht.
Felis = The overall filum of cat, as in Felis Rothbartus..
Flynn = Dr. Xerxes O. Flynn, Lt. Commander, I.F., Medical Officer aboard I.F.S. Truculent.
Fillmore = “…a pudgy civilian dressed in a formal suit who introduced himself casually as Y. Adolphus Fillmore. His brooding eyes were deeply set in his head; he had a huge double chin; and his mustache looked like two straw brooms joined-where their handles ought to be-by a bulbous nose. He was also missing one of his front teeth. Fillmore might have made a comic figure there at the podium, except that his name was known everywhere-he was one of the most famous starship designers in the Known Universe.” — The Trophy
Folkrum = Task Group 18 under the pennant of Vice Admiral Congor Folkrum, comprised Penda’s last line of defense-his reserves-in the first Battle of Atalanta
Fortis, see Darkhurst.
Fillmore, Adolphus = early Imperial bender expert.
FLEETOPS4 = the Imperial Headquarters unit to which Claudia Valemont reported.
Flighted = Capable of natural flight, as in, “Flighted A’zurnian.”
Fluvannian = A citizen of the Fluvanna star nation.
Fort’lier = Fort’lier tube, part of the power supply in a HyperLight Drive system. Also known as a “Multigrid-A.”
Fragonard = Leading Starman Fragonard.
Fritz, Galen, Sublieutenant, I.F., a veteran trooper-turned-Helmsman from the Bax cluster
Fronze = Yeoman of Signals Fronze.
Fullstop = A starship safety device storing sufficient energy to bring the ship to a dead stop regardless of the velocity traveled when power is lost. By intragalactic accord, required aboard all HyperLight starships.
Furogg = Furogg warriors from the K’tipsch quadrant carry curious lance tips resembling a trilon.

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