Helmsman Terms (W-X-Y-Z)

Wakefield = A manufacturer of unique starships, including the Wakefield WF.98 Tormentor located in the small city of Hall on the planet Salisbury orbiting the star Hatfield, only a few hours flight from Avalon.
WF.98 = Tormentor. Slim and elegantly shaped for atmospheric maneuvering, they even look fast. The broad-shouldered, teardrop shape that makes them famous is unbroken except for a slight bulge to accommodate a small flight bridge placed well forward, just ahead of stubby, wing-like sponsons to port and starboard housing 3,420-SU Krasni-Peych Wizard 76/77 Drive units in large, radically streamlined nacelles. Little more than 82 irals from stem to stern, the tiny ships are considered delightful to fly under most circumstances, however, with high loading on their twin gravity repulsors, resultant landing speeds and steep approach paths are downright terrifying to some.
WF.101 = Super Tormentor.
Wilf, see Brim.
Waldo, Angeline = , a Reserve Helmsman from the merchant service who decided she wanted a ship that could fight back
Wavetuner = Starship equipment. “…a Reynolds wavetuner muttered in its casing as it cycled frequencies.” —Galactic Convoy.
Wellington, Dora, Commander, IFS = Defiant’s Weapons Officer and probably the Universe’s expert on antique weapons systems
Wogord = Publisher of Wogord’s famous yearly publication All the Galaxy’s Starships.
Wyrood, Sir Beorn, First Lord of the Imperial Admiralty. His Admiralty Reform Act opened the Imperial Fleet’s officer corps to ordinary citizens and colonials like Wilf Brim.
Xchort = Small, gopher-like animals inhabiting a few League planets that hurl themselves off cliffs in herds during certain phases of galactic gravity.
Xantos = An archaic Universal script that all Imperial children, even Carescrian youngsters, are required to learn
Xaxtdamned = Specially damned.
Xeres = A location on Brandon/A’zurn: Ancestral home of Nahshon’s father, First Earl of Xeres, and cousin to Crown Prince Leopold.
Xerxes, see Flynn.
Yanuar, see Ursis.
Yanuarievich = see Ursis.
Zagrail = A class of Leaguer destroyer.
Zantir = Englyde Zantir, Commander, I.F., dashing hero of a thousand hard-won space battles against the League.
Zebulon = A star around which the gas giant Mu orbits.
Zechley = A fleet base on Lake Mersin on Avalon-Avalon.
Zempa = Zempa Pipe, a pipe used by most Sodeskayans to smoke hogge’poa.
Zhiv’ot = A Sodeskayan planet
Zimmermann = A Placeman aboard League starship HS-91.
Zodekk = A Placeman aboard League starship HS-91.
Zoltnark = Legendary Dark Lord of the Universe.
Zotreb = Officient Zotreb, a crew member aboard League starship HS-91 and the first man Wilf Brim killed in the war.
Zubian = Zubian triple-hop, a popular ballroom dance in Avalon.
Zukeed = A reference to someone of illegitimate birth.
Zuzzuous = Local spacecraft peculiar to the planetary system around Hador: Brightly painted little vessels with broad bands of lavender, red, and bright yellow around their narrow, angular hulls. Passenger cabins are pierced by rows of arched windows, and their control bridges-traditionally white with green stripes-are perched high over the stem like miniature Nimidan Hallo Houses. The unique ships can not exceed LightSpeed, and are most normally employed as interplanetary ferries.

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