Helmsman Terms (G-H-I)

G.F.S.S. – Grand Federation of Sodeskayan States.
Galad = Iaith Galad, one of the three greatest battlecruisers ever constructed, and sister ship to Nimue.
GTD = Ground transmission Director
Galen = Galen Fritz, a veteran trooper-turned-Helmsman from the Bax cluster aboard I.F.S. Defiant.
Gallsworthy = Bosporus P. Gallsworthy, lieutenant, I.F., Chief Helmsman aboard I.F.S. Truculent.
Gambbolian = Gambbolian Feast of Lights: a traditional feast day on Zeta381/Gambol.
Gandom‘s = Gandom’s Ve effect, in which glowing sheets of energy crackle along a starship’s deck as she approaches the speed of light. Eventually, these become a fine network of pulsing brilliance spreading jaggedly from the last visible stars as if the whole firmament were about to shatter into the very pebbles of creation. This subsides at velocities above LightSpeed 1.0.
Gantheisser = A League armaments company manufacturing, among other items, starships and blast pikes, both noted for their excellence throughout the Galactic civilization.
Ganthers = A great industrial dynasty in the League, virtual owners of the huge Gantheisser organization.
Garak = The treaty between the Allied star nations and the star nations confederated with Nergol Triannic’s League of Dark Stars was signed in the Efer’wyckean city of Garak, Surrat/Luculent, Near the Efer’wyckean capital of Luculent City..
Gastongay, Rabelais T. = Defiant’s dockyard representative
Gastudgon, See Hagbut.
Gemden = A class of League light cruisers constructed by the huge firm of Ganthers/Gantheisser.
Gigaclick = One billionth of a click (see measurements, below)
Gimmas = The dying Star Gimmas around which the frozen planet Haefdon orbits.
Giulietta = An ancient Imperial composer.
Glammarian = Glammarian Bight, a bay abutting The Sherrington Works outside Bromwich, one of the oldest cities on the planet of Eastleigh-Rhodor.
Glamnos-Grathen a planet near Gimmas Haefdon who inhabitants are famous for writing marches.
GlowOrbs = Fashionable lighting sources giving off soft light.
GNoord, L.K.G. = Personal secretary to Greyffin IV
Godille = A court divertissement given by His Majesty, Crown Prince Onrad in tribute to the Honorable Arch¬duke of Godille on 12 Pentad, 51997at the Lordglen House of State
Gogen’shoat = Corconian Gogen’shoat, an extremely nimble elephant-like animal found on the planet of Nimmoth/Corcon and capable of speeds approaching 95 c’lenyts per metacycle.
Gol’ridge = a poet who wrote the romantic poem “Ristobel.”
Gorksroar = An insolent term for nonsense, usually considered obscene. See also corgwash.
Gorn-Hoff = League starship manufacturer.
Gradgroat-Norchelite = A church founded on Hador-Haelic in the city of Atalanta.
Gradgroat-Norchelites = Members of the Gradgroat-Norchelite Church.
Gradygroat = A contraction, often uttered in ridicule, for the Gradgroat-Norchelite Church.
Gradygroats = A contraction for members of the Gradgroat-Norchelite Church.
Grand Achtite Canal = A canal in Avalon
Grandoffler = arcane triple-phisotron Drive units built by the now-defunct firm of Grandoffler, easy recognizable by three focusing rings mounted aft of each
Gratzhorse = Horse like creatures whose males exhibit huge genitals.
Gratz = A little-known god of the Fifth Nemesis.
Grav = A shortening of “Gravity Generator.” See also Legionaries.
Grenzen (plural of Grenzer), Torond Controllers
Greyffin – Greyffin IV, Grand Galactic Emperor, Prince of the Reggio Star Cluster, and Rightful Protector of the Heavens
Grimsby = Ambros K. Grimsby, Chief Steward, I.F., aboard I.F.S. Truculent.
Gromcow = Capital City of Sodeskaya.
GTD = Radio Frequency.
Grothor = S.M.S. Grothor, a merchantman of the League.
Hab’thall = A most insulting malediction in gutter Vertrucht.
Hador = A Class-A star around which orbits the planet Haelic.
Haefdon = The frozen planet on which the colossal Imperial starship base of Gimmas-Haefdon is located.
Hador-Haelic = The planet on which the great city/Fleet Base of Atalanta is located.
Haelacian’s = An inhabitant of the planet Haelic.
Haelic = A watery planet of the great star Hador containing the city of Atalanta and it’s great sprawling Fleet base sprawling Fleet base.
Hagath-37 = a binary red and green star of eclipsing separation 3.0° occupying a strategic lo¬cation in the 91st Province astride three cross-galaxy trade routes (R 99183, C.48 E 7, and 948.RJT) that skirt massive and treacherous asteroid shoals extending for hundreds of c’lenyts in all directions. Lixor is the only habitable planet among its satellites.
Hagbut = The Hon. Gastudgon Z. Hagbut, Xce, N.B.C, whom Brim first encountered as a Colonel in the Prosperous campaign.
Handlight = hand held “flashlight.”
Hartzel = Feedback mechanisms aboard starships that help maintain an even keel when in deep gravity environments.
Helios= one of the five blue-green worlds orbiting Asturius. It is the center of Imperial commerce.
Helmsman = The steersman of a Starship.
Helmsmanship = The art and science of piloting a starship.
Herrish = Rear Admiral (the Hon.) Dianna C. J. Herrish, Gimmas-Haefdon’s commander during Brim’s first tour of duty there aboard I.F.S. Truculent.
Hexad = Seventh Standard “Month” in a Standard Year.
Hibernal = Wintry
Hilaago = A deadly predator on the planet Ju’ggo-3 in the Blim Commonwealth. A charging bull Hilaago was part of I.F.S. Truculent‘s emblem.
Hober = Vice Admiral Zorn Hober and his 12th Battlecruiser Squadron were in residence at Atalanta previous to the first Battle of Atalanta.
Hobina = Hobina Kopp first presented her Korsten Man¬ifesto in the glass-walled Estorial Library,o a full two hundred years prior to Brim’s birth
Hogge’Poa = foul-smelling substance made of shredded poa leaves smoked by Sodeskayan Bears in Zempa pipes.
HoloCards = Information cards incorporating holographic displays.
HoloID = An identification card with a holographic, three-dimensional, 360-degree display
Holomodel = A model using holographic display technology.
Holoportrait = A portrait using a holographic, three-dimensional, 360-degree display.
holoposters = A poster using a holographic, three-dimensional, 360-degree display.
Honorotha = Honorotha LaKarn, Dowager Princess and monarch of the Torond prior to the accession of her son, Rogan.
HS-91 = a Cloud League corvette made up of globes and cylinders co-located along a single tube.
Hullmetal = A collapsium used in the construction of HyperLight starships.
Huntingdon = Huntingdon Gate, entrance to the Imperial Palace grounds in Avalon
HyperBoost = Extra energy for use when a Drive crystal is first energized.
Hyperdrive = Crystal-based propulsion system used in starships to accelerate past the speed of light.
Hyperflare = a self-propelled flare used when traveling at Hyperspeeds.
Hyperdrome = A huge, open stadium near Avalon City, Asturius/Avalon at Alcott-on-Mersin used for the Mitchell Trophy races.
Hyperlight = Velocities greater than the speed of light (Lightspeed).
Hyperlightspeed = Velocity greater than the speed of light (Lightspeed).
Hyperscreen = A crystal plate controlled by special logic systems that translates the confusing chaos of light photons outside a starship traveling at a velocity greater than light into meaningful vision. Below LightSpeed, Hyperscreens appear to be normal glass plates. Under control of simulator logic, Hyperscreens can turn the flight bridge of a starship into a realistic simulator.
Hyperspeed = Velocity greater than the speed of light (LightSpeed).
Hyperspace = The little-known environment an object enters when traveling faster than Lightspeed.
Hypertorp = Any number of torpedo-like missiles capable of traveling faster than LightSpeed.
Hypolight = The environment in which an object exists at velocities below the speed of light. The natural environment for most inhabitants of the Known Universe.
Hypospace = The “normal” Universe where velocity is believed to be limited to less than the speed of light.
Hypospeed = Any velocity less than the speed of light.
I.F. = Imperial Fleet.
I.F.S. = Imperial Fleet Starship.
Iaith Galad = One of the three greatest battlecruisers ever constructed, and sister ship to Nimue.
IFF = Starship Identification System (Identification: Friend or Foe)
IGC = Imperial Graphics Center (Operated by the Imperial Fleet).
IGL = The acronym for Intragalactic Lines, Ltd., the trans-galactic transportation stock company that owns S.S. Prosperous.
ILS = Instrument Landing System
mbal = Vertrucht for “load.”
Inguer = With Vattan, the largest of Lixorian star ports.
InterCOMM = The intracommunication system of a starship.
Interurban = Public Transportation vehicle, usually large, for inter-city travel.
Iral = see Units of Measurement.

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