Helmsman Terms (P-Q-R)

Paeses = Cheeses
Palidan = August Thackary Palidan, first starship commander to circumnavigate the galaxy
Petulants = A class 0f Imperial light cruiser.
Penda = Star Admiral Sir Gregor Penda, Imperial Fleet; no mistaking that round face and medium beard. The man had been part of almost every important news summary for the past five years, good and bad. His piercing eyes looked as if they had never admitted to a moment’s doubt about anything, nor had they remained long shadowed by unanswered questions. Bold, decisive, and brave beyond all question, he was generally acknowledged to be the greatest tactician in the known Universe, as much feared by his enemies in the League as admired by Imperial colleagues.
Perillan = A powerful CJ-class Imperial frigate.
Phisotron = Arcane “triple-phisotron” Drive units manufactured be the now-defunct firm of Grandoffler, easily distinguished by three focusing rings mounted aft of the Drive outlet.
Placeman, see Ranks.
Planetfall = The act of landing on a planet.
Plutron = Sir Erat Plutron, I.F., Commander of Fourth Battle Squadron.” Plutron’s home is Bemus Hall on Lake Mersin, where he lives with spouse, Regula Collingswood)”
Praefect = see Ranks, below.
Presalvage = A polite term for piracy.
Proteus = See Asterious, above.
Provodnik, Alexi Radosni, Sublieutenant, I.F., a Sodeskayan engineering officer
Pogreb = Alexia Ivanovich Pogreb, K-P’s senior propulsion fellow.
Porth – Porth Grassmere, a nearly lost city on the far side of Nova-65/Elath, discovered by Queen Adrien in S.S Durax.
Praznik = Praznik Dvigat, Senior Director of Krasni-Peych.
Pro’tif = Ptitsa Pro’tif, a Sodeskayan Intelligence Officer.
Proteus = One of the five blue-green worlds orbiting Asterious
Puvis, see Amherst.
Pym = Sophia Pym, Lieutenant, I.F., a Helmsman aboard I.F.S. Truculent.
Quentuan = A measurement of photons.

Ranks (military) Imperial Army Imperial Fleet League
(all military)
(all military)
General/Army  Fleet Admiral. Overmarshall –none–
 Gen.  Adm.  Marshall  Marshall
 Lt. Gen.  Vice Adm  MarshallGaltele’er  Corps Gen’ral
 Maj. Gen  Rear Adm  OverGaltele’er  Division Gen.
 Brig Gen  Commodore  Galite’er  Brigade Gen
 Col  Captain  Provost  Colonel
 Lt. Col  Comdr  OverPraefect  Commander
 Maj  Lt. Comdr  Praefect  Major
 Capt  1st Lt.  Officient  Capitán
 Lt.  Lt.  Overmann  Litenan
 2nd Lt  Sub Lt  Placeman  Litenan’t-2

Rasnovski, Tina, Sublieutenant, I.F., junior Navigator aboard I.F.S. Defiant.
Regula, see Collingswood.
Reneken = L.S.S Reneken, The Class-ship for a type of small, area-defense battleships built for the Lixorian Fleet.
Rhondell falcon = I.F.S.Defiant’s hallmark
ROGEN = A scale used by League Propulsion Engineers to measure the efficiency of synchronous compensators.
Ristobel = A poem by the Eff’erian poet Gol’ridge: “Before my lover’s gaze I bowed, / And slowly teased myself around; / Then drawing in my breath aloud, / With loving pleasure, I unbound / The coverings that concealed my breasts: / My silken gown and inner vests, / Dropt to my feet and full in view, / Behold! my bosom to pleasure you- / And legs and hips and secret place! / Oh come and fill me with thy grace!… ”
Robur = S.S. Robur Enterprise
RocketDart = A small (bullet-size), rocket-driven dart.
Rocotzio = A large, bisexual flowering plant native to Atalanta City, Hador/Haelic, whose male parts are considered highly suggestive.
Rocotzian = The Rocotzian section of Atalanta; the name derives from the shape of the wall that defines the section, which traces the uniquely suggestive outlines of a male rocotzio bud
Rogan, see LaKarn.
RT-9I = League battle crawler equipped with three turrets, a large one to starboard and two on the port side facing fore and aft.
Rosfrew = An imaginary location of great discomfort.
Rothharris = see Sable Rothcat, below.
Rothcats = Sable rothcats, a unique breed of felines imported to Hador-Haelic’s Atalanta during an earlier age to combat plagues of rodents and giant moths that once infested the city. The rothcats did half their job, and to this day consumed most of the giant moths as soon as they hatched. But Felis Rothharris stubbornly ignored rodents of all forms.
Ruggetos = S.M.S. Ruggetos, a Cloud League transport.
Rustbucket = An archaic term for a clapped-out starship
Rycantean = An ancient school of design specializing in absolute simplicity.

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